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EXCLUSIVE: ITN Distribution has secured Worldwide Distribution Rights to the throwback slasher horror picture, “A Psycho's Path,” with Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson. The film is produced by Noel G., David Ramak and Matthew King-Ringo and is written and directed by Rocky Costanzo. The company has pinned November, 2019 for a digital platform release with a traditional DVD/Blu-ray to follow in December.

Starring Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (A-Team, Midnight Meat Train) as a motiveless killer stalking the streets of a sleepy desert town sometime in the 1960's. Captain Peters and his small police force are on the case searching for his whereabouts before he kills again.

ITN President Stuart Alson negotiated the deal with the filmmakers, Noel G. and Rocky Costanzo.

ITN Distribution, Inc. is a leading independent film distribution company that specializes in high quality, star driven independent films and documentaries for TV, VOD, DVD, Pay-Per-View and theatrical markets.


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